Jan Heweliusz and Royal Society of London


Jan Heweliusz was the first Pole included among the members of the Royal Society in London. This important event took place on 19 th March 1664.

The Portrait of Jan Heweliusz from the Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk

During his journey round Europe in years 1630-1634 Heweliusz became acquinted with many English scientists and later he sent them many copies of his first work "Selenographia" (Gedani 1647). The Royal Society of London was founded in 1660 and placed in Gresham College. Charter members of the Royal Society were: Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle, John Wilkins, Sir Robert Moray, William Viscount Brouncker.

A candidature of Heweliusz for a member of the Royal Society was proposed by Robert Moray during a society meeting on 9th March 1664 and on 30 th March astronomer from Gdansk was elected a member of the Society. The secretary of the Royal Society was then Henry Oldenburg and William Brouncker was its president. Since then Heweliusz exchanged letters with Henry Oldenburg. In September 1664 he sent him a letter thanking for including him among the member of the Society. Nearly all letters written by Heweliusz were read loudly during the meetings and results of his astronomical observations were discussed. Many of his letters were published in a periodical "Philosophical Transactions". Heweliusz regularly sent his works to the Society striving for help and for opinions about them.

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